CAM goes to Munich

Wendy Hiscocks

CAM heads to Bavaria this October for a concert as part of the new Munich Australia Week…

As part of Munich Australia Week composer and pianist Wendy Hiscocks and cellist Coral Lancaster present a programme of contemporary Australian music. This will include the German premiere of Wendy Hiscocks’ Songline for piano and cello and Arthur Benjamin’s Sonatina for piano and cello.

There will also be piano music by Bela Bartók performed by Australian pianist Michael Leslie.

One of the key works in the programme will be Wendy’s 2018 piece Songline for cello and piano. 

Watch the beautiful video of the piece here…

Bruce Chatwin’s book The Songlines reached readers far and wide. The composer’s response was to create her own songline of the Illawarra region in New South Wales where she was born. As part of the journey, musical reference is made to key sites such as the shoreline, Lake Illawarra and the two mountains dominating the escarpment.

‘absolutely compelling and very powerful and atmospheric – the highlight of the concert.’

Nigel Foster, director of London Song Festival

Musical Memories of Australia

Seidlvilla Munich, München, Germany
7 October 2022, 7.30pm

Michael Leslie piano     

Bela Bartók Six Dances in Bulgarian Rhythms (Microcosmos Vol.6)
Bela Bartók Piano Sonata (1926)

Wendy Hiscocks piano
& Coral Lancaster cello

Peter Sculthorpe Tailitnama Song
Percy Grainger Two movements from Scandinavian Suite
Elena Kats-Chernin Blue Silence
Arthur Benjamin Sonatina
Wendy Hiscocks Songline

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