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Watch the trailer of the new South Wales meets New South Wales film ahead of its launch on 26 November…

This exciting online concert will feature 16 song settings of Welsh texts by composers from South Wales and New South Wales. Performed by Jeremy Huw Williams baritone & Wendy Hiscocks piano, the programme will also include eight World Premieres. 

This concert is lovingly dedicated to the South Coast teacher Wendy Blunt who was an inspiration to her students and one of the kindest and most generous people to have graced the earth.’

Says Wendy Hiscocks
Inspirational teacher Wendy Blunt

Each of the living Australian composers has produced a video introducing their work. These can be viewed on the new YouTube channel and will also be featured in a series of newsletter and social media posts.

The four composers from South Wales are: 

  • Nathan James Dearden
  • Grace Williams
  • Alun Hoddinott
  • William Mathias.
Welsh composers

And the four from New South Wales are:

  • Alex Palmer
  • Andrew Schultz
  • John Martin
  • Wendy Hiscocks.
New South Wales composers

You can watch the video any time from 26 November by clicking on the following link to CAM’s new Youtube channel:

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